Our business projects

From Dubai to Shanghai, passing by Beirut, London, Istanbul and Oxford, noblessa kitchens fit-out high-class apartments. Luxurious interiors where high standards are the main focus. Design, style, equipment, quality... Everything has to be perfect. Designed with incredible expertise and, with the help of meticulously selected materials, these kitchens naturally integrate into extraordinary stylish spaces. noblessa kitchens are exported to the four corners of the world, satisfying clients in search of perfection.

Manor Farm, Oxford

15 kitchens // Program kant, lacquered white ultra high gloss

Osiers Gate, London

150 kitchens // Program humboldt, white high gloss

Abbey Beach Resort, Perth

69 kitchens // Program passion, laquered white high gloss

Greenland Center Wangjing, Beijing

70 kitchens // Program passion, lacquered ivory high gloss

Dynasty on the Bund, Shanghai

150 kitchens // Program Line N, black high gloss

Urban Cradle Royal Mansion, Shanghai

98 kitchens // Program Line N, lacquered grey high gloss

Emerald Riverside, Shanghai

500 kitchens // Program klee, lacquered sand matt

Greenland, Shanghai

50 kitchens // Program Line N, sand ultra high gloss

Latifa Towers, DubaÏ

248 kitchens // Program surf, lacquered white high gloss

Jumeirah Islands, DubaÏ

736 kitchens // Program passion, lacquered grey high gloss

Majestic Tower, Beyrouth

50 kitchens // Program kant, lacquered white ultra high gloss

Platform Merter, Istanbul

323 kitchens // Program humboldt, black high gloss

Who we are?

The perfection of noblessa kitchens extends right down to even the very smallest details. Taking inspiration from your own ideas and expectations, noblessa seeks to create living spaces in which elegance and perfect harmony reign supreme. More than a brand, noblessa is a way of life.

High standards

Where quality is concerned, we leave nothing to chance. From the choice of materials right through to the manufacturing process, perfection is an essential requirement. noblessa kitchens undergo an extensive array of tests conducted both in-house and by independent laboratories. Our numerous globally recognised quality labels and certificates attest to our commitment to excellence.

Let our kitchens inspire you

Modern, harmonious, elegant, timeless — noblessa kitchens stand out for the quality encoded in their very DNA. No matter what your requirements, you're sure to find your dream kitchen amongst our extensive range of designer options. Give in to your heart's desire!